When a child is enrolled in the school, parents are asked to complete a form, furnishing the school with relevant information in the event of an emergency or accident.


This information is confidential and is used only in cases of necessity.


It is very important that the information given is up to date and accurate and should there be any change to any of the details throughout the year, please let the secretary know immediately.


Should your child fall or receive an injury during school time, first aid will be administered usually by the Principal or Secretary or Teacher.  This generally involves cleaning with disinfectant and applying a cream or band-aid.  If your child is allergic to such products please let us know.  If your child contacts an infectious or contagious disease, (i.e. chicken pox, mumps, measles, meningitis etc) please inform the school as soon as possible.  In the event of a serious accident, parents will be contacted by phone and an ambulance will be called if deemed necessary.

As every class now has access to the internet, one of the forms you will be asked to sign is to give consent for your child to have supervised access to the internet.  You will be given a copy of the Internet User Policy, which you must read carefully before you return the consent form to the office.

Another consent form is issued for school and educational tours.


This consent form is for the duration of the child’s stay in St Fintan’s so if you do not want your child to go on a particular tour you should inform the teacher.

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