Selection Criteria

In the event that the number of applications exceeds the number of places available, the Board of Management will decide on a cut-off date-of- birth for all applicants on an annual basis giving priority to the eldest children. This will apply in each of the criteria set out in 1 – 4 below.

Priority will be given in the following order. Once the cut-off date-of- birth is reached in each category, the Board will move onto the next category:

  1. Siblings (including step-siblings resident at the same address) of children already enrolled in the school.

Catholic children who reside in the parish of St. Fintan’s, Sutton

Children of the current staff of St. Fintan’s NS

  1. Other children who live within the parish boundary
  2. Catholic children who live outside the parish boundary.
  3. All other children living outside the parish boundary.