In all cases the Board of Management will ensure that:

  • The school enrolment policy is followed
  • The transfer is in the best interest of the pupil
  • There is available space in the school
  • The school is satisfied with the reason for the transfer
  • At all times it is conscious of its duty of care under the Health and Safety Act and that the pupil poses no risk to himself or others
  • A copy of the child’s school report will be provided as per Circular 56/11
  • All details relating to the child’s educational progress, including attendance record will be forwarded to St. Fintan’s NS, as required Under Section 20.5 of the Education Act 2000

Applications for Transfers from other schools


Parents seeking to transfer their children from another school to St. Fintan’s must obtain an application form (available from the school office) between the 15th September and end of April, prior to the September of admission.

If there is availability in the class, a place will be offered to your child during May.

If there is no availability in the class, your child will be placed on a waiting list using the criteria as outlined for new entrants.

This waiting list will be kept open until 15th September of the year of application.

If, on that date, your child has not received a place, a new application can be made for the following year.

It is not the norm to accept a child during the school year, and applications for this can be made in exceptional circumstances, if there is availability in the class.