Primary Online Database (POD)

In 2014 the Department of Education and Skills commenced the Primary Online Database (POD) as an administrative and Management tool in effectively meeting the Department’s obligations under Section 6 and 7 of the Education Act 1998. From 2016/17 the enrolment counts on POD will become the basis for grant payments and teacher allocations. Therefore it is imperative that a record exists on POD for each pupil enrolled in the school. Unless a parent or guardian informs the school in writing that s/he does not give consent, the following data for each child will be transferred to POD. Please note consent is not required for point 1.

  1. PPS number, Name, Address and Date of Birth
  2. Nationality/Language spoken at home
  3. Religion
  4. Ethnic and Cultural Background
  5. The child is in receipt of Learning Support