• The purpose of the uniform is to give a sense of unity and to develop a pride in the school and its environs.
  • It is important for parents to understand that children are required to wear the uniforms at all times and their tracksuits when appropriate. It is permissible for children to wear their tracksuits if they do not have P.E. but are participating in after-school activities, as we have no proper changing facilities here in the school.
  • Only the uniform and tracksuits appropriate to St Fintan’s are allowed and this is strongly supported by the Board of Management and the Parents’ Association. As with everything your co-operation in this matter is essential and appreciated.

    School Uniform
    Jumper / cardigan
    Navy blue. Must have school crest. (note 1)
    Trousers / pinafore / skirt
    Navy blue
    . Trousers must be school trousers
    Shirt / t-shirt / blouse
    Pale blue. T-shirt must be aertex type.
    Tie School tie can be worn with shirt.
    Socks / tights  Navy blue or white to be worn with pinafore or skirt.
    racksuit Red aertex t-shirt only to be worn with school tracksuit.
    Shorts Navy blue shorts may be worn in summer time.

    Note 1 Crested jumpers and cardigans can be purchased from the official uniform suppliers. Alternatively the school crest can be purchased from the school office for sewing onto jumpers and cardigans.

    Note 2  Tracksuit to be worn on PE day or on a day your child has a sport related activity straight after school.

    For official school photographs children will be expected to wear the school uniform (including tie) or the school tracksuit depending on the occasion.

    Labelling: Parents should ensure that all items are adequately labelled with their child’s details.

    Lost property: A lost property basket is located at lobby between 1st and 2nd corridor. Unclaimed lost property is sent to charity.

    Official Uniform providers: Lynch’s of Marino, Tel: 8375225 http://lynchschooluniforms.com/school-uniform.php?id_sch=17&id_cat=1